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With each of our confections, we strive to bring our customers a unique and fulfilling experience. We sell our goods in specialty shops with bakers and staff who are dedicated to creating and serving the freshest product with the most attentive service. Each treat is made with the finest ingredients, sourced directly from the farming heartland of Japan, Hokkaido. We are constantly working to refine our products via research and development conducted in our innovative Open Lab. This culinary laboratory, a unique aspect of our business, works directly with our consumers to ensure we are always developing products in the best (and tastiest!) way possible.


  • 誰よりも手間をかけること
  • どこよりも良い原材料を使うこと
  • 限りなくフレッシュな状態で提供すること


Company Info

Business Model

Business Model

Our “One Brand, One Product” Belief


Our “One Brand, One Product” Belief

What we place most importance on is deliciousness that makes an impression. The things that are most important to creating confectionery that makes an impression are effort, freshness, and quality ingredients. We believe that it is important to pursue all three.

In order to reach these goals for effort and freshness, we conceived of “monofactories” that produce one product under one brand.

A monofactory is a specialized shop that puts all its efforts and passion into a single product. With this we are able to offer baked products in their most delicious state to our customers.





Innovation: An Important Ingredient


Innovation: An Important Ingredient

We will continue to combine confectionery art with the power of technology to provide excitement and stimulation.

For instance, PICTCAKE, which allows customers to order photo cakes using a smartphone app. This service, a first in the industry, has produced many smiles.

With CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU, we introduced the cutting-edge technology of the Italian company Roboqbo into a shop in Japan for the first time. Making a custard cream that would formerly take over an hour now takes only twenty minutes, making it possible for our customers to enjoy cream that is even fresher and more delicious.

We think we can continue to make use of technology in confectionery in even more interesting and delicious ways. In search of even more excitement in confectionery, we perform experiments in our Open Lab every day.





これから先も、テクノロジーの力でもっとお菓子を面白く、美味しくできるはず。私たちはまだ見ぬお菓子のワクワクを探して、日々「OPEN LAB」で実験を行っています。

Quality: Directly from the Farm


Quality: Directly from the Farm

The people in the primary industries that produces the ingredients for confectionery have to deal with a variety of issues. For instance, logistics for the milk used by ordinary confectioners ...

Multiple farms > Agricultural cooperatives > Dairy manufacturers > Intermediate distributors > Confectioner > Customer

Because so many companies are involved like this, freshness is lost by the time the milk reaches the customer. On the farm side, it has become difficult to continue operation because it is not possible to make sufficient profit.

On the other hand, BAKE’s logistics are, as you can see, very simple. Contracted farm > BAKE > Customer

By making direct connections with producers, we establish traceability (the ability to track distribution paths for products from the production stage to the final consumption stage) to ensure that we use the highest quality milk.

BAKE goes directly to the production site and buys carefully selected ingredients at fair prices so we can offer delicious confectionery to our customers with confidence.

It is a small step, but together with producers we are creating a new business model. We believe that this will help primary industries in Japan flourish.










Delicious Taste, Attractive Design


Delicious Taste, Attractive Design

“Design is the most important thing after deliciousness” is a saying often heard at BAKE.

When we are looking at shop sites we are interested in.

At the moment a sweet is purchased.

And when someone is carrying our sweets in a paper bag.

We want to offer excitement at a variety of moments.

Because of this, at BAKE, after deliciousness, we place great emphasis on designs that make the entire experience more exciting.






だからBAKEでは美味しさの次に、すべての体験を一段とワクワクさせる デザインに、強いこだわりを持っています。

The Science Behind the Taste


The Science Behind the Taste

Our fresh-baked cheese tart was not originally a hit product.

The Kinotoya shop at New Chitose Airport, where sales were low at that time. By continuing to make small improvements in our cheese tart and repeatedly offering samples to customers, we developed the cheese tart into its present form.

Rather than considering our job complete once products are sent to the shop, we continue to have a variety of people sample our products in taste tests in order to improve them.

Like a lean startup, we continue to develop and improve our products. We also investigate the flavors of confectionery scientifically at our experimental facility the Open Lab in Jiyugaoka to create confectionery with new approaches.





まるでリーン・スタートアップのように、私たちは商品を育てていきます。さらには自由が丘に生まれた実験施設「OPEN LAB」にて、お菓子の美味しさを科学し、新しいアプローチでお菓子を作っていきます。



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